A Healing Little Angel

A Healing Little Angel

When a couple becomes Parents, the priorities squeezes around an angelic life whose smile and well-being is the only & only concern of Dear Ma & Daddy.

This happiness is sometimes hindered by the unavoidable circumstances created by the omnipotent power & the “Karmas”. I recently got to meet a family that was going through a difficult and traumatic phase, as their 1.7 years old child was detected with an extra growth of flesh around his rectal (rectum) area. The condition was so rare & the place (where this extra flesh of meet chose to grow), was so sensitive that the doctor had no choice but to go for 3 surgical sagas.

“Sagas”- because the couple was not prepared for such an extraordinary expenditure, where each surgery would cost them a huge sum of money. But as we know that sometimes God leaves us with the most difficult path, in order to test our patience and strength. Anyways! BAck to this vulnerable soul- who didn’t even have any idea about the pain he was going to witness within a span of 4 months. Yes! and trust me every single day was equal to an year for this couple. Everyone’s pain- physical and mental- was unfathomable.

The first surgery called for Colostomy.

process in which passage to excretion (potty)is created from stomach. The D-Day was on 15th Sept. Colostomy took place- the family was clueless & the child had a big “WHY?” on his innocent face.

All this changed almost everything in their lives. The child, unable to utter even a single word was now going through something so unnatural. This was not the only picture!Their mental pressures & other processes required to maintain colostomy’s hygine, changing the dressing in almost every hour, cleaning it with surgical necessities etc. is something that only a big heart can face EVERYDAY. And if I say that this child is no less than a WONDER then it is not going to be an exaggeration.

The second surgery which was the actual surgery (removal of extra flesh growth) was accomplished on 24th Oct’17. The child was forcefully taken to the OT (as he does’nt want to leave his mother) was made unconcious via general anesthesia & finally a lot of cuts, stitching. This 2 hours long operation made him lie in the hands of an expert surgeon like a piece of cloth. But this naive body had no other choice.

This ” WONDER CHILD” has his last surgery impending soon. This will call for Colostomy Closure. The family will be back to normal, where the child will sit on his cute potty seat with his little hands on his eyes, playing hide and seek with his mommy, who will be standing outside the washroom door, waiting for him to finish his daily chore.

Though the wait has become unbearable but it is worth it. I wish the child happy & a long life. No extra growths. Just a happy & fulfilling life.

The couple is empty handed now, Left with a healing child & many more expenses, coming on the way. But they are happy-happy for the child!

The final operation will be a pain in the pocket but a relief in their hearts. I wish them all the best.

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