Book Review- The New One Minute Manager

I have always believed that “Books” are a person’s best friend and they are more special when gifted by someone. Recently I received, “The New One Minute Manager” by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, from someone who has a key role in my life, MY Boss! 

A managerial topic that has the quality to uplift the leadership facet of anybody’s personality. The best part about the book is that it is not too heavy. The pages and the complexities are less and thus it became a quick read for me. Trust me I could not shut it before completing it, as early as possible. 

The cover of the book with a clock face showing one-minute is to remind us, to take a minute and look at the faces of the people we are managing. And to realize that they are the most important assets in our “Work- Life”. How a good manager should ensure to encourage the work life balance of his sub- ordinates- decides the success of the team, him as a leader and of course the company.

Judging someone too soon is a mistake that can lead to a major fall-out of the team. Rather we should always remember to associate the right person for the right job. A good choice is much better than just praying for a team member to perform well.

The authors share much more than what I can explain in this article but the main ideas that will always remain with me after reading this book are:- (A) Everyone in your team must feel good about themselves. This serves as a key to productivity.

And (B) They must be very clear about their responsibilities and a stable hierarchy in the company. Post these two, the rest of the secrets of the book can become very easy to follow.

The book is definitely a fare read for all who are managing anything, yes anything in their lives. The most important managers, our “Home Makers” should also read this book.

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