Me Too

Three things that I have learnt during the course of years- that made me the woman I am. No, this is not a self- obsessive post but something I want every woman to acknowledge in their lives.

1.       Self- Love- Without any doubt, loving yourself, the way you are, is the best GIFT a woman can give to herself. Now this goes, beyond any kind of physicality. The way you look should not set a benchmark for others. But what kind of a human being you are at your heart, truly decides how far you will be able to stand strong in front of the biased norms of society and against all odds.

2.       Acceptance and Expectations- Two diversely different words that has a vast cleft in-between. The vacuum needs to be filled-in by the society, but the first step has to be taken by women. Accept what you are, what your conditions are (working on them to make them better, is a different topic) and do not fall into the trap of expectations of other people. It is impossible to keep everyone happy! You can only try to be your best. But going OUT of the WAY every time, makes you forget yourself and this leads in fathoming your true potential in an inferior way.

3. Do it your way- Women tend to take the entire responsibilities on their shoulders. And if they sometimes fail to fulfill these responsibilities, a sense of guilt seeps into their minds. This “casualty” fits in- more- in the personal zone. Taking a backseat, here and there, is ok! Doing the work- the way- you like and are comfortable in, makes it all easy. This can only be achieved when you renounce the FEAR of being JUDGED!

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