Movie Review- Chalo “PANGA” lete hai…

Kangana Ranuat, a female director (Ashwini Iyer) and a woman centric screenplay- how can anything go wrong as far as the setup is concerned. But “Panga”, does not match up to the expectations I had before entering the theatre.  Though, a simple film, “Panga” definitely showcases the hard work it has been made with. Sports and cinema has always been a great combination yet “Panga” misses the moments where the audience could skip their heartbeats. Thankfully the scene where Kangana does her “Tiger Chan” (only for ones who have watched the movie), during the end, could lift my moods up and made me realize that it has not been a waste. All in all, I find “Panga” much better than “chappak”.

Performances wise Kangana- surpasses everyone. She has caught the spirit of the character and stays with it throughout the movie. Jassi Gill is a fine actor. Though, his role needed more finesse and clarity in the screenplay.  Richa Chaddha needs to give herself more options as far as her choices of roles, linguistic skills and accent are concerned. But whom I liked the most in the movie, is the character of Neena Gupta. How crisply she has performed the role of a mother (to Kangana)! Her curly hair gives a powerful impact (inspite of being a tiny aspect for the role), to her character and the rest has been taken care of through her acting skills. Though she has a small role yet manages to leave her footprints as an integral part of the film. Her character reminds me of my mother.

When I say it did not match to my expectations, does not at all mean that I did not like the film. “Panga”, should be watched without any hassle or panga. How important it is for women to get the correct support from their surroundings to live the kind of life they want to live.  The movie is a subtle attack on the norms of society. It does not hit hard but leaves you with deep thoughts of a middle class life, duties of a man and a woman, family concerns, child psychology and most importantly how to raise boys. “It is a film of the women, by the women, for the women.” So are you going to take the “panga” soon?

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  1. Panga is definitely worth watching, a wonderful ode to mothers… and is very inspirational… loved every bit of the movie. A heartening story on never giving up on one’s dreams, told with conviction and coupled with powerful performance by Kangna is what makes the movie so endearing. Kudos to the director for taking up the subject.
    (a) The will to try (b) and the belief that it is actually possible — these are the only two things that one needs to accomplish one’s dreams!

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