Planning a Road Trip? Tips to trip-trap in India

Traveling is something that can never go out of fashion. Journeys and #destination have something attractive about them, that obviously can’t be explained. We have done multiple #roadtrips in India. During the last- (Vadodara-Bangalore-Coorg)- we covered 3400 km in 7 days. So here are few things to keep in mind that we have acknowledged with our experiences of  being on four wheels. 

  1. Always pre-download the #Google maps of the area you are traveling, in case you don’t receive the GPS signals, at least you are not lost. 
  2. Have your car/jeep serviced from your trusted service center if traveling more than 400km (round trip). Ensure to inform the mechanic about your travel to take extra care.
  3. Get contact numbers of 24/7 #on-road assistance from car service center.
  4. Check for hotels on the way before hand.
  5. Explore your destination online and book rooms where you are planning to stay.
  6. Carry your kids favorite toys for them to enjoy during the journey. All kids can not count trucks on the highway, all day long.
  7. Never leave #highway only to save some toll tax. At times, road may lead to small town and villages which can be uncomfortable and at times lonely, especially during the nights.
  8. Do not drive at night, avoid night as much as you can. A fatigued driver is dangerous for self and others too.
  9. Ensure to get car papers with you. Including RC, Car Insurance, Driving Licence and #PUC. Now a days, RC and Driving licence can be carried in #Digilocker or #mParivahan mobile application.
  10. What will you do if you feel sleepy during driving??? It’s too dangerous for you and others. Stop the car on your left gently giving the left indicator. Prefer Chocolate or Coffee instead of a soft drink. A splash of water on your face, is also a good option.

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