Travelogue- Ranthambore

 If you are a fan of wildlife then planning a holiday in Ranthambore, Rajasthan must be one of the priorities in your Travel list. No one can deny the fact that watching a TIGER in a National Park, relishing its prey is a sight to die for. And we realized it, when this imagination came true in front of our eyes.  Ranthambore is famous for the population of Tigers, those roam freely as Kings in the jungle. Well here are few memoirs from the lovely road trip we recently witnessed.

We chose to stay in a natural surrounding named, Sher Vilas- a little far from the sight but a comparatively nicely done accomplishment of rooms and tents. We decided onto a tent that gave us a royal feel the moment we entered. But as the time passed the uneasiness was evident. An unexplainable uneasiness that made our stay lethargic. The major turn off was the food as it was definitely not likable and tasty. Another situation that was not in our favor was the strike and cancellation of our safari.

The one day and night stay was restricted with the Darshans of Trinetra Ganesha and Ranthambore fort.

Next morning we decided to leave to OUR HABITAT (Baroda) but got the news that government window is taking the bookings for safari. After a sharp noon’s wait in the line, we finally got the safari registration done.

Staying in the pre booked premises was a little out of question. So we first enquired about the safari and then set off in search of a new accommodation. We chose Hotel Vinayak, RTDC that came up as a surprise to us as far as the cleanliness, food and hospitality were concerned.

RTDC is definitely an underrated group of hotels that pays the price of being a Government authority. Special mention to R.A. Bajrang Lal Bairwa along with his small team, who left no stone unturned to make us feel at home.

Yes yes, without wasting any more time leaving you with the pictures of undisputed courage of jungle and some more from the trip.

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