Vadodara-Bangalore-Coorg Road Trip To Remmber (Part-1)

Travelling has always been a major part of my family’s agenda. And when you have someone mad about Road Trips then Travel becomes both, FUN and the most TEDIOUS task. Fun, obviously because you carry your own Time and leisure. Road Trips become a “My Trip My Rules”, kinda thing. Tedious,because it ultimately requires a lot of planning, stuff (requirements of the family members) and a mindful account of expenses. Of course, you do not want to spend unnecessarily on each and everything that comes on your way, like exactly you did when you were younger.  So this year it was a long one for us- Vadodara- Visthar(Banglore)- Virajpat- Coorg-Vadodara. The journey commenced on 14thNovember 2019 at around 3:00 PM. We had made it a point to carry as less luggage as we could, maximizing the scope of space to sit and linger around in Nissan Datsun Go Plus. The “Travel” List was a major come back for us during the past month or may be more than that. This seven days affair is wished to be made into a lifetime memory. So stay tuned for more. Do not forget to subscribe to “zindagidrama”on Youtube and follow us on “zindagidrama” on Instagram and Facebook for some visual treats.

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