Vadodara-Goa On ROAD (PART-1)

After a year’s long planning and confusion (to be or not to be), we sat out on our journey to Goa from Vadodara. One insane man, a nagging wife and 2 pure souls (pure till now; as one is 7 and one 8 months old). All of us sat in Datsun Go+ to accomplish a 2 days long journey. I hope it doesn’t sound like a Go+ advertisement- but kids had a sound sleep in the car, since we started early. Thankfully they did not have to compromise on their comfy bed sleep. Check out the pic- I call it BECAR ( bed+car) room.


We started at 5:00 am on 18th August’16 from Vadodara and took NH8 which was not as calm as expected. Dominated mostly by heavy trucks, my husband needs three cheers for driving with patience amongst the six tyres giants. Thankfully we crossed the Bharuch Bridge without any hassle (if you have never been there then u have been saved from its famous jams). But who can be spared from the Mumbai Traffic? After a lot of “where” and “how to take the turn” it was Thane and finally Mumbra bypass. That was the end of ear piercing vehicle sounds that may irritate you till your last breath.

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The inside of Maharashtra is an intricate network of roads with greenery on both sides. The small towns and villages are clean and you will see hard working Maharastrian women, all around. Snake like roads are well maintained and smooth for a great car ride. It was a fun journey (pardon the fact that we were traveling with a little boy who had his “time-ups” after every two hours).


After crossing Kashedi Ghaat (Raigarh district) which was pretty difficult for me because of the twists and turns (better than many TV series), we reached Chiplun. Ahh! Forgot to mention that various websites have benchmarked


Kashedi Ghat (a particular spot) as haunted. But don’t tie back your adventurous soul reading them. I feel it’s more of an accident prone area due to the swirling turn. When you drive there just be a little extra cautious and patient. Back to Chiplun- it was our hault for the day. It was a long journey of 15 hours (due to various factors) but I am sure it can be squeezed into lesser hours. After being car jacked for so long Hotel Reemz was a pleasant encounter. Situated on Mumbai-Goa highway (NH66) it is a 3star luxurious one with spacious rooms and good food. And wallah! We got a good off-season discount too. Finally out of the car- kids were happy!!

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