Vadodara-Goa On Road (Part-2)

After a good night sleep in Chiplun- it was time for another day’s journey. The destination was yet far away but the moods were all set to travel. Distance from Chiplun to Goa is 340 KM via NH66.

With a rainy morning, we left for Goa at 9:30 am on 19th August’16, with few small waterfalls here and there and river bodies with clean shining water on NH66, the journey had Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri, Lanja, Rajapur, Kankawali, Sangride, Torxem, Colvale.


Life is definitely a photo album of small memories. In order to do something big we forget the necessity of those small mentions that lead us to tranquility and sometimes wonder too.


On the way Kankawali is a special mention here as we stopped for lunch. Did you see the fish platter in the picture gallery? We encountered it there only. Forgot to mention “Aroma” restaurant.


Funny spelling mistakes but a great staff and clean toilet, both need a mention here. They also had a dal shorba for the little one (that obviously made mommy super happy).

Second day was better than the first in terms of journey. When you enter Goa the first thing that rings a bell in the mind is sea, sand and somras (people call it with different names). But one more thing that grabbed my husband’s attention was petrol rates. Pretty less than what we paid in Vadodara.


Finally Dolphin Circle & a one bedroom flat. The accommodation we got was a bit compromise but we just wanted to dash into the beds. So we grabbed the first option and latter regretted.

But it doesnot matter, what mattered was GOA. And finally we were there! All happy -for different reasons. Mr. husband’s dream came true! I was no more home bound.


Elder ones birthday wish was accomplished & younger one’s ……..? Ah forget it.

Special mention: The mommy in me always shakes me to cook yummy (though disastrous sometimes) & healthy stuff for my babies. This- “not so obvious” version of me took its troll (before starting for Goa) & I rounded some sooji ladoos & baked chocolate cake (I have become quite ok in baking) for them.

Enjoyed by them on the way they were quiet a hit.

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